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After many years of developing independent design in Miami, DBL MEDIA, LLC. was created in August 2009 by two siblings who shared a common interest: Creating a world-class design agency that connected with clients on a personal level and delivered eye-catching design that inspired the people who came across it. From our modest start up, we had no clients, some cash and a crystal-clear idea that delivering a tailor-made service would make a difference in the current market. DBL MEDIA, LLC. is fortunate to now have a big family of clients who range from owner managed businesses to global corporations and strive to continue seeding relationships with people from all industries. Behind curtains at our studio, stands a creative team in an environment where craft is taken seriously, music is always playing, and prime quality products are handed. Our name is an open invitation for you to come knock at our door, have a cup of coffee and meet real designers.

We believe you should Mind Your Business™.


Design makes things look, feel and work better. DBL MEDIA, LLC. has an excellent track record for producing effective publicity that solves problems for people who solve problems. Our main objective is to build productive branding, help our clients reach their target and deliver success. Our boutique structure gives us the opportunity to connect with clients and integrate our team to brainstorm ideas that can make the difference for your business's audience. This mission has become clearer day-by-day as we continue to push a style we are proud to call our own and exceed our customer's expectations by making the design process enjoyable. DBL MEDIA, LLC. looks to contribute with driven, creative out-of-the-box ideas and clients. That's what we do, everyday.

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